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      Competitive advantages

      No need of additional roof brackets, subconstructions etc. Our system can be fixed in any place, at any height to roof construction, roof brackets with various options of application. We offer a complete system with carrier structure included so that the client / investor does not deal with clamping points on site.

      Roof brackets with various options of application – we take care of clamping and brackets.

      With our system a minimum number of clamping points is required. We take care of clamping. This means saving time and money (projecting phase with architects is not needed).

      Driving shaft with winding system is incorporated in the aluminium construction produced exclusively in the twist resistant version and with a more thick aluminium profile compared to the other metal structures.

      A good behaviour under application of concentrated and distributed load is granted also for longer spans. The resistance to twisting is improved thanks to the new diagonal tubes design.

      The complete system is 80% preassembled at our warehouse. The client gets a »ready to assemble system« with all needed components.

      Possibility of packing the complete system in a wooden box for air transportation, truck transportation, container transportation etc.

      Short time of final assembling of local installation team. On your request we can also provide you with our installation team.

      All components are certificated according to the latest safety standards.

      Engineering possible according to project (detailed drawings can be made).

      More than 25 years of experience with installations all around the world.

      3-D visualization of the project can be made. Sending photos of the area where you want to place our system is simple – stand in the position like shown below, click on the camera and send us the photo.

      Various options and extra features are available (controlling with remote control, logo printing, signal light when lowering the curtain, door/gap in the curtain for passage…).


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